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The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation

The Year of Sivistys 2024 is coordinated by the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, also known as the Kvs Foundation. The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation is a non-profit and politically and religiously non-affiliated organisation established in 1874.

A fearless defender of Sivistys

The Kvs Foundation has always been a bold promoter of Sivistys also beyond Finland’s borders.

The Kvs Foundation is an expert in liberal education and lifelong learning, developing lifelong learning solutions together with its partners.

The Foundation’s core competencies are learning, innovations and communication. The Kvs Foundation bases its work on research and the latest scientific knowledge. The Foundation continuously develops practical innovations in various projects in Finland and abroad.

Communication and advocacy

The Kvs Foundation publishes two learning media open to all: the Aikuiskasvatus (Adult Education) magazine in Finnish and Elm Magazine, the English-language media on adult education.

It also operates the Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre, the Kulkuri School of Distance Education and Nomadskolan for expatriate Finnish children, in addition to providing communication services for the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).

The Kvs Foundation also publishes a blog (in Finnish) called Sivistyksen pelottomat.

Ethical principles

The Foundation’s ethical principles guide its day-to-day work and also encourage its partners to act in accordance with the principles.


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